You’ll Actually Use This Tiny EDC Pocket Knife

You’ll Actually Use This Tiny EDC Pocket Knife

WESN’s Microblade debuted on Kickstarter last October and met its $12,000 goal in less than 60 minutes. WESN won the hearts of its backers by making its knife as small as possible without sacrificing utility. It’s 2.25 inches when closed — about the same size as a standard house key — and 3.75 inches when open. The Microblade’s titanium body is exceptionally lightweight and durable, and its Vanadium-infused stainless steel blade is harder and more rust-resistant than ordinary steel. A pocket clip and a lanyard hole make it extraordinarily carriable too.

Kickstarter users agreed; over the course of its campaign, the Microblade earned a cool $218,306 — not bad for something so small. Now, nearly a year later, WESN’s first product is available on Amazon for $50. The Microblade hasn’t changed at all either — it still packs all the functionality of a full-sized pocket knife into a package that’ll go unnoticed in your pocket or on your keychain.



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