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Big Face Watches from Gear'd Hardware

At Gear’d Hardware, we believe that the watch you wear is so much more than just a clock on your wrist.
It’s a reflection of your badass lifestyle. It makes a statement before you even say a word.
Our men’s big face watches are designed around three principles:


We choose to be bold in the face of conventionality. We are swole, strong, and powerful. Nothing about this men’s watch is something that you see every day, just like the lifestyle you lead. In a world where others want to blend in, we want to stand out.


The Gear'd lifestyle is a unique one, which is reflected in the design of our watches. We draw inspiration everywhere we go -- from tactical shooting practice at the range to pulling passes down the drag strip, bodybuilding by defying gravity with heavy weights in the gym or ripping up the open road on a motorcycle. Whatever cool stuff you are into, we have a digital watch to fit your style. Our swole watches are large but they look just as good on a smaller wrist as they do on a larger. 


If you are going to do something, do it right, or don’t do it at all. As soon as you pick up a watch, you can tell whether its quality. Chances are if it feels weak and looks cheap, then it probably is. Doesn’t matter if you're shopping for another handgun, a new motorcycle helmet, or limited-edition watch -- we all go through the same routine. Pick it up, gauge the weight, tap on it... make sure it feels right. When something is not built with quality craftsmanship, it’s obvious. Every time you pick up a Gear’d Hardware watch, and you can tell that it can take a good punch. We design our watches USA and we make sure our product is engineered and built with quality, craftsmanship, and materials such as stainless steel and sapphire glass. Our product is also designed in the USA.


We push limitations and live our life out loud. We can talk the talk AND walk the walk, and bring that attitude to our line of men’s watches. Which one is going on your wrist?