We built this company based on the values that we are passionate about. We set out to build something with great quality that can stand the test of time while being put through anything from water and weather, to gunpowder and grit. With strength, we knew we needed to have style.

All our watches have signature touches of attitude guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. These perfect pieces of steel represent the Gear’d Hardware pillars that drive us -- strength, power, and living life like a badass. Whether you are an athlete, a soldier, a driver, a rider,  a baller, or a boss, you always taking your gear with you when you take on the world. Now you can have a watch to complete the set.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a watch that is so much more than just a clock on your wrist. Whether you are into bodybuilding and getting swole, firing powerful handguns and rifles at the shooting range, racing on the drag strip, or riding your steel horse down the highway, we make a watch for you. Why settle for something with limitations? We don't believe in those around here. There is no such thing as too much power. We are a strong brand for strong people.

One thing you may instantly notice about our watch is that it is larger than standard watches. That's ‘cause this ain't your grandpa's basic wristwatch. Gear’d Hardware watches makes being noticed automatic.  You want a men's watch that fits in with your gear and stands with you for everything that you do, and that's exactly what we build.


If you are going to do something, do it right every-time. When we build our watches we don't skimp on anything. We have large face watches in strong stainless steel cases that aren't afraid to make a statement. Every fit and finish has been carefully selected, from the sapphire glass crystal that protects the face, to the mechanism and digital watch display.

To find out more about the badass watches, click the link below to check out our GUTS page and see what makes us tick.


About Kris 

Kris, our founder, has been a competitive bodybuilder for years. In addition to spending time at the gym fighting gravity, he is also a horsepower addict and absolute gun lover. Being swole has its perks, but it has made it tough to find a watch that looks, feels, and fits in just right. That is where the inspiration for Gear'd Hardware was born -- a way to looking badass while pushing the limits every day.   

Join us in our movement.
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